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Vermiculite Coated Fiberglass Cloth

Product Description
VERMICULITE COATED FIBERGLASS CLOTH is woven from continuous texturized E-fiberglass yarns, has good chemical and fire resistant. Vermiculite coating improve abrasion resistance, which acts as armor to the fiberglass, providing better resistance to direct flame. Heat travels across the fabric-not through it.

Vermiculite coated glass/silica fabric is made by fiberglass fabric or silica fabric coated with layers of vermiculite to improve the fabric properties of high temperature resistance. The vermiculite coated glass/silica fabric can also bear higher temperature about 200C compared with glass fabric and silica fabric. Vermiculite Treated Glass Cloth is specially constructed to increase resistance to sparks, splatter and molten metal to high temperatures.

The mineral based aqueous dispersion treatment provides a coating of platelets which at high temperatures meld to protect the glass fibres from a direct heat source, for example the cloth will hold molten metal at temperatures up to 1000°C long enough for it to cool and solidify

vermiculite coated cloth Typical Applications:

  • Welding blanket and curtains
  • Expansion joints
  • High temperature insulation
  • Heat shield and containment
  • Gaskets, oven door seals
  • Removable insulation cover
  • Safety clothing

Content/Weave 100% E-Fiberglass Yarn/Plain
Fabric Finish Vermiculite coated, Brown color
Weight 18oz/yd²
Thickness 0.030"
Temperature Resistance 1000°F(540°C)
Remains Stable to 1500°F(815°C)

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