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Heat Treated Fiberglass Cloth

We have our fiberglass cloth pass through an oven with high temperature in order to burn off the sizing and other organic elements in the cloth. After this heat treatment, fiberglass cloth will change to brown color and it will be smoke-free during the application.


  • No ceramic, no harm to human body.
  • Low thermal conductivity, excellent thermal insulation,high resistance to thermal shock
  • Superb electric insulation
  • Inert to majority of chemical reagents
  • Good flexibility

High tensile satin weaved also has a non-hairy texture preventing irritation to the exposed skin common in other lower quality fabric and asbestos cloth. It is used extensively in the ship fabrication and repair industries where heat insulation, insulation lining and extensive welding takeplace.

Per roll of Heat Treated Fiberglass Cloth Golden Color put in a knitted bag.. Core Competencies: Colored fiberglass fabric/cloth, fiberglass tape, silicone rubber/Alumilum foil/Vermiculite/PVC coated fiberglass cloth, high silica cloth, texturized cloth, Tarpaulin cloth, fire blanket, welding blanket, welding habitat/enclosure/PPWE, thermal insulation jacket/cover/blanket, and other related fire safety products.

Application: Oil & gas, Shipyard, Aviation, steamship, wind energy, sports goods, FRP, insulation, ordnance, construction, firefighting, fire-retardant, and so on. Service: Real time response, good after-sale service. Our goal is Out of customer expectation.

Quality Management System: ISO9001. Quality is our Culture.

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