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Ceramic Fiber Tape

Ceramic Fiber  Tape

Webbing tapes are flexible woven fabrics that are also known as Woven Tapes. They have missing central yarns to create extra flexibility when sealing over bolts.

Ceramic fiber webbing tapes are manufactured from high performance ceramic fiber yarns reinforced with either a wire or glass filament. These are produced on traditional textile machinery by carding high purity 1260°C grade ceramic fibers with a percentage of cellulose fiber to assist in the processing. The yarns are then spun and combined with the relevant reinforcing media to improve the tensile strength at extended temperatures.

Indian Ceramic Webbing tape is woven in netted form made from Ceramic Yarn. Ceramic fiber insulation tapes are available in a variety of thickness from 3 - 6mm. The standard width of the Cloth is 25mm to 100mm.

We have rich experience in manufacturing webbing tape, which has rich matte finish, looks beautiful due to rich texture and fine quality yarn used to fabricate the same. Further, this tape has some unique attributes like better abrasion & cut resistance, easy cleans up, unmatched chemical resistance and quality.

Product wise application search strings Ceramic Fiber Webbing Tapes find applications in Furnace seals, door seals, boiler seals, pipe lagging, hose & cable protection, sealing over bolts, dividing curtains. Their major sectors include Welding, Foundry works, Aluminum and steel mills, Boiler insulation and seal, Exhaust systems, Shipyards.

Description Specification Quantity Meter Meter
      3mm Thickness 5mm Thick
Ceramic Tape 25mm 1 28 14
  40mm 1 18 9